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GBL Match Result

315 Worcester Cyclones 81 - 61 Warriors B

GBL Postponed Match

208 Cheltenham Eagles P - P Gloucester Pumas ( Rucinskas / Gooch ) ( was due to be played 01 Mar 2019 )

GBL Postponed Match

184 Stroud Sharks P - P Malvern Mavericks ( Hayward / Castello ) ( was due to be played 15 Mar 2019 )

GBL Match Result

164 Stroud Sharks 70 - 79 Cheltenham Hawks

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the latest committee meeting are now available on the Minutes page.

Note: The date of the A.G.M. has moved to 19th June, 2019.

GBL Match Result

167 Gloucester Pumas 100 - 31 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Match Result

207 Cheltenham Spartans 79 - 49 UOG Raiders

GBL Match Results

165 Malvern Mavericks 59 - 66 Cheltenham Spartans

166 Warriors 48 - 49 Worcester Cyclones

Player Transfer

Felipe Gapate has completed a transfer from Pumas to the Cheltenham Eagles.

GBL Postponed Match

168 Cheltenham Hawks P - P Warriors ( Hayward / Steckbeck ) ( was due to be played 18 Feb 2019 )

GBL Forfeited Match

168 Cheltenham Hawks 20 - 0 Warriors

GBL Match Result

163 Charlton Kings 104 - 43 Malvern Mavericks

GBL Match Result

162 Cheltenham Spartans 59 - 65 Charlton Kings

New Referee

Welcome to Alex Kotsiris, a referee from the Worcester area, who has joined the GBBA referees pool.

GBL Match Result

313 Warriors 95 - 52 Warriors B

GBL Match Result

160 Cheltenham Eagles 70 - 74 Malvern Mavericks

GBL Match Result

159 Worcester Cyclones 95 - 62 Stroud Sharks

GBL Match Results

215 UOG Raiders 70 - 43 Hartpury Basketball

158 Cheltenham Hawks 73 - 56 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Match Result

157 Gloucester Pumas 68 - 88 Worcester Cyclones

GBL Re-Arranged Match

161 Hartpury v Warriors, will now be played on Friday 29th March, 2019

GBL Match Result

156 Malvern Mavericks 46 - 53 Cheltenham Hawks

GBL Match Result

154 Worcester Cyclones 73 - 52 Cheltenham Hawks

GBL Postponed Match

155 Stroud Sharks P - P Warriors ( Lloyd / Hayward ) ( was due to be played 01 Feb 2019 )

GBL Match Results

153 Charlton Kings 55 - 70 Cheltenham Eagles

214 UOG Raiders 60 - 67 Cheltenham Hawks

152 Cheltenham Spartans 103 - 41 Hartpury Basketball

Committee Meeting

The meeting that was postponed from January 10th, will now take place on Thursday 7th February.

GBL Match Result

151 Warriors 106 - 23 Cheltenham Eagles

Referee News

The GBBA committee would like to extend congratulations to Ed Martinez and Piotr Brokos who have now both successfully completed their Level Two Referees Award.

We look forward to continuing to support you through your journey of Development.

GBBA Committee

GBL Re-Arranged Match

149 Hawks v Kings, will now be played on Wednesday 27th February, 2019

GBL Match Result

314 Stroud Sharks 91 - 51 Warriors B

Referee Assignments

Please note that the referee assignments for February and March are now available on the Fixtures page.

Please check your own assignment, and those of any of your club nominated referees, and report back to Ian any issues.

GBL Match Result

150 Worcester Cyclones 78 - 70 Malvern Mavericks

GBL Re-Arranged Match

207 Spartans v Raiders, will now be played on Sunday 17th February, 2019

New Venue

Please note the the UOG Raiders will play their home matches at :

University Sports Arena,
Plock Court,
GL2 9DW.

GBL Match Result

148 Hartpury Basketball 35 - 66 Stroud Sharks

GBL Match Results

146 Cheltenham Eagles 39 - 70 Cheltenham Spartans

306 Stroud Sharks 65 - 61 Malvern Mavericks

147 Warriors 74 - 77 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Postponed Match

207 Cheltenham Spartans P - P UOG Raiders ( Grainger / Gooch ) ( was due to be played 20 Jan 2019 )

GBL Postponed Match

149 Cheltenham Hawks P - P Charlton Kings ( TBA / TBA ) ( was due to be played 15 Feb 2019 )

2019 County Basketball Finals - U16 Girls

Congratulations to Thomas Keble who beat Pates by three points, 20-17 in the 1st/2nd place game at Gloucester College yesterday, and will now progress to the next round of Basketball England Schools Competition.

Full Results:

1st/2nd Place Game
Thomas Keble 20-17 Pates

3rd/4th place game…
Cotswold 18-20 Wynstones

U16 Girls Teams

GBL Re-Arranged Match

149 Hawks v Kings, will now be played on Friday 15th February, 2019

GBL Match Result

145 Worcester Cyclones 106 - 24 Hartpury Basketball

2019 County Basketball Finals - U14 Boys

Pates and St Peters were comfortable winners in the 1st two games setting up what looked to be an interesting final.

In the runners up game, Deer Park ran out comfortable winners beating Thomas Keble.

The final game of the day saw Pates and St Peters compete for the title and the right to progress to the next round of the England Schools National Tournament.

After starting well, St Peters built a small lead only for the taller and physically stronger Pates squad to make a spirited fight back and take control of the game going into the 2nd half.

A couple of substitions from St Peters Head Coach, Jack Staynings saw St Peters pick up their defensive intensity in a full court man to man press, forcing Pates into turnovers and scores at the offensive end.

The final 2 minutes of the game were nailbiting and entertaining, with St Peters managing to build a two point lead which they held onto at the final buzzer, which was followed by some eccentric celebrations from the St Peters squad who were clearly delighted with their accomplishment.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all who have been involved in making this years tournament possible.

U14 Boys

2019 County Basketball Finals - Today

The U16 girls from Thomas Keeble, Pates, Cotswold & Wynstones will battle it out from 15:00 to 18:00 today.

2019 County Basketball Finals - Tomorrow

U16 boys from Thomas Keeble, Balcarras & Wynstones will compete for the chance to be crowned County Basketball Champions 2019.

GBL Match Results

212 Hartpury Basketball 23 - 92 Gloucester Pumas

312 Charlton Kings 98 - 34 Warriors B

310 Malvern Mavericks 49 - 63 Warriors

2019 County Basketball Finals - U14 Girls

Pates, Wynstones and Cotswold schools made the trip to Gloucestershire College, Docks Campus on Monday to take part in a 3 team tournament at the Schools Finals.

Pates ran out deserved winners after winning both games.

Final Scores:

Wynstones 6-26 Pates
Cotswold 10-12 Wynstones
Pates 30-6 Cotswold

U14 Girls Finalists

2019 County Basketball Finals - U14 Boys

Today at Gloucestershire College, Docks Campus. 3pm-6pm.

The schools attending the U14 boys finals will be Deer Park, Pates, St Peters & Thomas Keble.



As a committee, we are committed to developing all referees and coaches in our association, and as part of this plan we have secured Richard Stokes to lead this session.

Richard is an international referee and referee tutor and organises the referees in the Euro league, we could not get anyone that would be more qualified to deliver this session.

I have been referring since 1979 and a level four referee since 1982, and I went to observe a grade two session that Richard delivered and I came away with new ideas as to how I could improve my officiating.

We are never too old to learn, the rules change every few years, we owe it to the players to keep abreast of the rules and interpretations, and I expect you to all be there at Gloucester College on the 22nd.

See you there


GBL Match Result

213 Cheltenham Spartans 90 - 40 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Match Result

211 Cheltenham Eagles 54 - 62 Hartpury Basketball

GBL Match Result

309 Worcester Cyclones 97 - 53 Stroud Sharks

GBL Match Result

143 Stroud Sharks 54 - 76 Worcester Cyclones

GBL Match Results

144 Hartpury Basketball 39 - 93 Malvern Mavericks

308 Charlton Kings 68 - 65 Warriors

GBL Match Result

132 Cheltenham Hawks 70 - 47 Malvern Mavericks

GBL Postponed Match

149 Cheltenham Hawks P - P Charlton Kings ( Grainger / Castello ) ( was due to be played 21 Jan 2019 )

GBL Re-Arranged Match

149 Hawks v Kings, will now be played on Wednesday 23rd January, 2019

Team List

Charlton Kings
Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Hawks
Cheltenham Spartans
Gloucester Pumas
Hartpury Basketball
Malvern Mavericks
Stroud Sharks
UOG Raiders
Warriors B
Worcester Cyclones