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(Correction) Level 1 Referee Course

Please note that the dates for the Level 1 Referee Course are July 6th, 13th & 14th, and not as previously advised.

John Llewellyn

It is with great sadness that I report the sudden passing of John Llewellyn, at his home, on Saturday 11th June.

John had been involved in basketball for the past 50+ years, and was a founding member of the basketball community in Gloucestershire.

He touched the lives of many players.

He will be sorely missed.

Technical Courses

A reminder that we are running three courses which may be of interest to your members. You may need to qualify referees or table officials to satisfy league requirements for next season.

All courses will be held at Cirencester Deer Park School:

Level 1 Coach: June 18 & 25
Level 1 Referee: July 6, 7 and 13
Level 2 Table Official: July 8

Further details are to be found at Basketball England.

Among the other recognised courses on offer over the summer are Level 1 and 2 Coach courses tutored by Danny James at Gloucestershire College over the summer.

[External] Charity Cup

Fancy working off some of the extra Christmas pounds?

The R.A.F. are holding a one-day charity tournament on January 14th, 2017.

It's open to all standards, male and female, civilian and military personnel and is being held RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton.

See below for more details...

Annual General Meeting

Below is the formal notice of the AGM on Monday 20 June, 2016.

We hope to see you there, and would particularly welcome your thoughts on future development of the league and basketball in the area generally.

This meeting needs to have a purpose which makes it worth us all giving up an evening to attend, so it should be about improving everyone’s basketball opportunities and experience.

This in turn requires input from us all, as committee proposals will only succeed if they have the practical support of a majority of teams.


The Annual General Meeting of the Gloucestershire Basketball League will take place at Tewkesbury Rugby Football Club, The Moats, Gander Lane, Tewkesbury GL20 5PG on Monday 20 June 2016 at 19::00 prompt.

Each team currently in membership of the league is required to send one representative. No person may represent more than one team. Failure to be represented will result in a fine of £25 (loss of deposit).

A representative of any new team considering joining the league may attend by prior permission of the Chair, but they will not be entitled to vote (see below).

Should a vote be required on any matter, each current team (which has no outstanding debts to the league) and each committee member shall be permitted one vote. No person may vote in more than one capacity.

The agenda will include the usual end of season reports, proposals for the 2016-17 season, and discussion on the development of basketball in the area.

Anyone who wishes to propose items for the agenda, or changes to the Constitution/Rules must submit these to the Chair by Monday 13 June.

A snack buffet will be provided, and a cash bar will be available as usual.

Paul Christensen
GBBA Chair

Annual General Meeting - Update

The League Committee met recently and made several decisions of which they would like to make you aware briefly, so that we can make the best use of the time available at the upcoming meeting.

There is some ambiguity between the Gloucestershire Basketball Association and Gloucestershire Basketball League. The Association is the body responsible for the development of basketball in the county and its membership includes all affiliated clubs and individuals in the county, and any others who choose to register through us. Membership of the League consists of the teams currently participating. To reduce the confusion, we have decided to separate the Constitution (of the Association) and the Rules (of the League) into two documents. The Constitution will be based on a template used by other county associations. Clubs will have the opportunity to propose amendments to the draft which will be circulated to you soon.

The League Rules will form a separate document, and will be finally decided by the elected Committee. We have already discussed the current rules, and have edited them with the following major objectives:

• To simplify the rules and to remove some clauses which we feel are no longer required
• To implement a structure which will result in much fewer postponements and cancellations.
• To simplify the regulations regarding players in clubs with two or more teams.
• To ensure that disciplinary decisions are made as quickly as is possible, and that all participants are aware of any suspensions, points for Technical Fouls etc.
• To simplify the deposits and fines structure so that (apart from exceptional circumstances), everything will be based on £25 and £50 units.

We will propose that the season will consist of two major competitions: the League (with similar structure to last season) and the Charity Cup (with a grouped Round 1). The main season should end before Easter, followed by the Charity Cup (and Plate?) Finals and All Star Game. This should result in a better-planned season with just the right amount of games to fit into the number of playing weeks available, and therefore contribute to our aim of having fewer cancellations. We can discuss at the meeting whether there is a demand for a Handicap (or other) tournaments, or even a summer league if any teams are interested.

The final major point is around the requirement of teams to provide referees for the league pool. We will need to enforce this, as the number of referees available has dwindled again, and we are relying on a small number of referees, some of whom are officiating several games each week. Therefore:

• Each team must provide 2 referees as shown in the rules. These officials must have availability which allows them to be appointed to a reasonable number of games.
• Any team which does not currently have the required officials, must send candidates on the next available.
• Teams who fail to do either will be required to pay a surcharge of £80 on their league entry fee.
• There is an extended Level 1 course in Cirencester on July 6, 13 and 14 (cost £35, and advertised on the Basketball England website) and a limited number of places are still available. Please contact me if you wish to book one of those places. For this coming season, satisfactory completion of that course will be acceptable for referees joining the league pool.

We are confident that these proposed changes will result in a more efficient and therefore more enjoyable competition.

Kind regards,

Paul Christensen
GBBA Chair.

Todays Semi-Finals & Finals

Todays games will be 7 minute quarters.

Revised handicaps are ...

Hawks 0
Worc U18 34
Cougars 39
Eagles 44

Cup Semi Finals Results

350 Cheltenham Eagles 30 - 34 Gloucester Cougars

351 Worcester Wolves U18 63 - 49 Cheltenham Hawks

3rd / 4th Place Play-off Result

352 Cheltenham Eagles 79 - 65 Cheltenham Hawks

Cup Final Result

353 Worcester Wolves U18 68 - 33 Gloucester Cougars

Match Results

430 Cheltenham Hawks 71 - 52 Stroud Sharks

405 Stroud Sharks 50 - 54 Cheltenham Hawks

Match Result

409 Warriors 56 - 65 Charlton Kings

Match Results

457 Worcester Wolves U18 76 - 46 Droitwich Spartans

439 Gloucester Pumas 68 - 51 Gloucester Cougars

Result Update

A disciplinary decision means that the result below has been removed from the league results.

452 Worcester Wolves U18 44 - 46 Droitwich Spartans

The match was ordered to be replayed, but Droitwich Spartans have declined to replay the match.

Therefore the result will be recorded as

452 Worcester Wolves U18 20 - 0 Droitwich Spartans

Forfeited Match

404 Cheltenham Eagles 20 - 0 Worcester Wolves U18

Team List